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"Phantasm is like falling from a skyscraper in slow-motion. You know you’re gonna hit the ground sometime but before you do, its one hell of a ride." - Bill O’Connor

"From spaceship sound effects to high pitched vocals, Phantasm creates a sound that is utter beautiful madness" - Kelly Roncace

Our Story:

The single, "Over and Over," kicks off Phantasm's long-awaited album,"Three Men Make a Tiger". The new single sets the tone of the album calling attention to our human capacity to continuously make the same mistakes. This powerful album sends a timely message meant to challenge the listener to question their own understanding of the world and gain a deeper awareness of self.  

With onstage exploits, such as sampling their own music live and using power tools as instruments, the band’s explosive performance has taken innovation to a new level. They balance a sophisticated, avante garde metal edge with a powerful, straight-forward rock foundation. After releasing their last album, Phantasm has spent the last two years writing an album that demonstrates their refined approach to a progressive 90's rock sound.